Anniversaries of Deceased Priest & Deacons


 24 Fr. Louis LeClerc--1833, Fr. Edward Amsinger--1939

       Fr. John Pleus--1946, Fr. Joseph Capizzi--1977

       Msgr.  Joseph Dwyer-1985, Deacon Warren Steltzer--1996

 25 Fr. Edward Berry--1901, Fr. Daniel Sullivan--1956

       Fr. John Morgan--1961, Fr. Edward O’Toole--1962

       Fr. James Ryan--1973 and Fr. Joseph Flynn--1986

 26 Fr. Emil Lemkes--1938, Fr. Joseph McMahon--1943

       Fr. Francis Reker--1953, Fr. Charles O’Donnell--1982

       Fr. Gerald Paunovich--1987

 27 Fr. Daniel Clarke--1916

 28 Fr. William Gockel--1873, John Schoemakers, S.J.--1883

       Fr. William Sheehan--1921, Fr. Daniel Dowling--1957

       Fr. Joseph Keating—1962, Fr. Robert Schwegel--1984

 29 Fr. William Brantner--1892, Fr. Herman Adrian--1934

       Fr. Casimir Schmidt--1938

 30 Fr. Patrick McCabe--1897, Fr. Francis Willmes--1940

       Fr. Patrick O’Connor—1952, Fr. John Peters--1955

It was six years ago (July 17, 2011) that we started remembering in our bulletin, and at daily mass, the death anniversaries of priests and deacons who have served in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We offer prayers of gratitude for them, and all women and men religious, who have served in our Archdiocese -- especially those who ministered to us at Our Lady of the Presentation Parish.  May they see God face to face and know the fullness of joy! Pray for more priestly, religious and Christian marriage vocations.