Anniversaries of Deceased Priest & Deacons




25 Fr. Joseph Meister-1868, Fr. Bernard Schlathoelter-‘15

       Fr. John Denehey--1952 and Fr. Clement Gerbig--1954

26 Fr. Joseph Becker-1893, Fr. Frederick Schulte--1916,

      Fr. L. Gadell--1922, Fr. Bernard Benten--1949 and

      Fr. Mitchell Deck—1964

 27 Fr. Thomas Aylward--1942

 28 Fr. William Wheeler--1870, Fr. Thomas Cussack--1887,

       Fr. John Boetzkes--1891, Fr. Joseph Moorbrink--1891,

       Fr. Anthony Wigger--1940, Fr. William Ebert—1963

       Dcn Harold Longmeyer-2007, Fr. John Hallemann-2017


    1 Fr. John Tracy--1918, FORMER PASTOR OF OLP

       Fr. Michael Canning--1949, Fr. John Girse--1957,

       Fr. George Scheer--1958, Fr. Michael Vitkus--1964,

       Fr. Daniel Leahy--1969.

   2 Fr. James O”Brien--1897

   3 Fr. Francis Weiss--1901, Fr. Joseph Kroeger--1923,

      Fr. John Nugent--1950, Fr. William O”Brien--1954,

      Fr. Louis Regelski--1959, Msgr Daniel Moore--1964

      Deacon Francis Droesch--2002

   4 Fr. Peter Paul Lefevere--1869,

      Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick--1896,

      Fr. John Hennessey--1900, Fr. Walter Fuchs—1986

      Deacon Richard Wessels--2005

Pray for more priestly, religious

and Christian marriage vocations


It was six years ago (July 17, 2011) that we started remembering in our bulletin, and at daily mass, the death anniversaries of priests and deacons who have served in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We offer prayers of gratitude for them, and all women and men religious, who have served in our Archdiocese -- especially those who ministered to us at Our Lady of the Presentation Parish.  May they see God face to face and know the fullness of joy! Pray for more priestly, religious and Christian marriage vocations.