Aug 7, 2017


All parts of society and all areas of St. Louis and the surrounding counties have been hit hard with the present Epidemic of Opiate Abuse. Everyone knows someone affected by addiction. 

     On Thursday evening, August 24 at 7 PM Mr. Kevin Bunten, LCPC, CADC — a native of St. Ann MO, will give a presentation here at Our Lady of the Presentation on the present Epidemic of Opiate Abuse — rampant addiction, over medication, increasing death rates from overdose, confusing health care options, legal problems, families torn apart, and the destruction of our loved ones.  

     What can families do when it seems hopeless?  What can a community do when it is overwhelmed? Though Mr. Bunten will look at some problems, his presentation is mainly about solutions -- about what we can do in a time of epidemic—to care for our loved ones and to care for our families.  There will be no fee or collection.  

     Some topics that will be examined and discussed:

  • What is addiction? Where does it come from? Is it really a CHOICE?
  • What have we learned from past “epidemics”?
  • Why are some people addicted (to opiates, alcohol, cocaine, etc.), and others are not?
  • What are Treatment options?
  • What really WORKS? What does not work?
  • What is Medication Assisted Treatment?
  • What can families do that really HELPS? --if a family member is addicted? --or a member has been to multiple treatment episodes? --or is leaving treatment soon? --or is refusing to seek help?


     Mr. Bunten has a Master of Science in Education and Counseling Services, and a Master of Divinity. He is a professional counselor with 18 years of experience providing clinical services through private practice and in clinical settings with varying populations (Residential and Outpatient substance abuse, the seriously mentally ill, rural populations blighted by meth use and other addictions . . .) He has worked in St. Louis, as well as New York City, Jersey City NJ, Joliet and Chicago, IL.  He currently works at Gateway Foundation Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in Caseyville Illinois.

     Please mark your calendars and reserve the date, August 24th, 7:00 PM.

     So many families are torn apart by addiction. One thing all of us can do is pray for all those who suffer from substance abuse, as well as their families and friends who suffer and agonize with them. May God bless them, may God bless us


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