Annual and other Events


Fish Fry
This is one of our biggest events during the year, held during lent on Fridays
(not Good Friday) from 4:00pm-7:00pm. They serve dinners, sandwiches,
fish by the pound and many sides. If you are interested in volunteering
especially cleaning the fryers please call the rectory office.

Blood Drive
Held 2 or 3 times a year.

Ash make and Potluck
Held the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Last year’s palms are burned for
the ashes and then fat Tuesday is celebrated with a Potluck dinner.

May Crowning
The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our patron saint. This is a time
for families to come together to enjoy another one of the rich traditions of
our faith. Our Confirmation and First Communion students are involved.

Oneness Pentecost Sunday
One Mass is celebrated on Pentecost Sunday bringing the entire parish
together to celebrate our unity.

Autumn Tree
St. Vincent DePaul put paper leaves on a tree with gift ideas for families
that need help with Christmas presents. This is done in November.

Annual Volunteer Award
This is an award for the Spirit of Volunteerism. St. Joseph the Worker
and Mary, Servant of the Lord, with one man and one women being
acknowledged. In honoring them we also honor all of our volunteers who,
working together, make for a strong, vibrant parish. STEWARDSHIP IN

Turkey Trivia
This is a November fundraiser. You can play Trivia and win a turkey by bowling a turkey.

Memorial Courtyard
You can purchase an engraved brick for our memorial courtyard on the
west side of church.

Block party
A celebration of parishioners gathering together to enjoy music,
dancing and food in potluck style. It is normally held in September.

Potluck Dinners
Held throughout the year. Parishioners bring different types of dishes and
the parish or organization provide the meat.

Spaghetti Dinner
The dinner is a bufffet style as you sit and enjoy an Italian atmosphere.

Art and Piano Classes