Church Ministries

Stewardship Committee-Plan and assist in stewardship renewal and help keep stewardship
alive throughout the year.

Bereavement Committee-Offer services to members of OLP during their time of sorrow and loss.
Jane Luft - 629-5039.

Meet and Greet Group-It is a new organization to welcome new parishioners to our parish and/
or town. If you are looking for a easy way to become more involved, this
group is for you! Small time commitment and outgoing personality is all
that is required. If you would like to be a part of this exciting new group,
please contact Jan Clodfelter at 423-6454.

Money Counters-There are five teams of parishioners who alternately count the money
from Sunday’s collection.

Gardening Angels-They beautify the parish grounds and church with flowers.
They decorate the church for Easter, Christmas and other holy days.
Sharon Delcour - 423-8332, Vinnie Ridolfi-428-0629

Quilters-This group donates time and talent every Wednesday to make beautiful
quilts to raffle off once a month at the card party. Nita Ponder 428-3415

Volunteer Work Day-If you can help do some odd jobs around the parish please call the office.

Maintenance/Cleaning-Parishioners with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, painting and etc.
skills are sometimes needed to help with the physical needs of our many
buildings. You can pick your work and time schedule.

Church Cleaning-Saturday mornings before Easter, Christmas and a couple other time
during the year parishioners meet in the church. They clean the pews,
kneelers, window sills etc..


Ladies Altar Society

The ladies meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:45am in the Ponder
room. They have a snack and a small meeting. They sponsor a card party.

Things they do for the parish:

Clean Church every Thursday morning, Wash Purificators 
Serve dinner for families of a deceased member of Altar Society if the
family wants 
Some members host card parties, Bake cakes for Parish functions 
Adoration on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Flowers for Church 
Sell quilt chances, Make quilt blocks, Honor Guard at Funerals 
Potluck dinners 
Sharon Delcour-President-

Ladies Altar Society II   

This group meets on the 2nd Monday at 7:00pm. This organization is for ladies who work during the day and cannot
meet with the Altar Society. They go on small trips for example; Christmas
in Old St. Charles, Lafayette square, Botanical Garden and other places. Things they do for the parish:  

•Take up the tables from the card party•  Clean the church on Saturdays 3-4 times a year.                                                             Membership are $5 a year for each of the Altar Society                                                                                                                         

St. Vincent DePaul-This group helps those in need. As a organization they meet on the third
Sunday of the month after the 8am Mass. Two to three times a year they
sponsor a food drive.

Pro-Life Committee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Pro-Life group helps coordinate all the Pro-Life activities in the
parish and keeps the parish educated about Pro-Life issues. Chris Cordia -

St. Patrick's  Casserole                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Parishioners Bake a certain casserole recipe for the St. Patrick Center.
They bring it to the parish to be picked up normally the 3rd or 4th Saturday
of the month between 10:00am-10:30am. Barb Buehler - 651-2204

The organizations at OLP are a great opportunity to meet your
fellow parishioners and share an evening of social activities.