Gardening Angels-They beautify the parish grounds and church with flowers.
They decorate the church for Easter, Christmas and other holy days.
Sharon Delcour - 423-8332. Vinnie Ridolfi-428-0629

Quilters-This group donates time and talent every Wednesday to make beautiful
quilts to raffle off once a month at the card party. Nita Ponder 428-3415.

Ladies Altar Society-The ladies meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:45am in the Ponder
room. They have a snack and a small meeting. They make a nice donation to the church. They sponsor a card party. The ladies take turns preparing for this and other events. Things they do for the parish: •Clean Church every Thursday morning, Wash Purificators •Serve dinner for families of a deceased member of Altar Society if the family wants • Some members host card parties, Bake cakes for Parish functions • Adoration on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Flowers for Church •Sell quilt chances, Make quilt blocks, Honor Guard at Funerals •Potluck dinners
Sharon Delcour-President-

Ladies Altar Society II        This group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month (except June, July and August) at
7:00pm. This organization is for ladies who work during the day and cannot
meet with the Altar Society. They go on small trips for example; Christmas
in Old St. Charles, Lafayette square, Botanical Garden and other places. Things they do for the parish: •Take up the tables from the card party• Clean the church on Saturdays 3-4 times a year.  Help with potluck dinners and other events
Membership are $5 a year for each of the Altar Societies.

St. Vincent DePaul Society                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This group helps those in need. As a organization they meet on the third
Sunday of the month at 9:00am. Two to three times a year they
sponsor a food drive.

Pro-Life Committee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       They coordinate all the Pro-Life activities in the parish and keeps the parish educated about Pro-Life issues. Chris Cordia -423-5018



The organizations at OLP are a great opportunity to meet your
fellow parishioners and share an evening of social activities.