From Father Mark Dolan First of all I want to thank the many volunteers who helped in sanitizing the church in preparation for having mass this weekend. 

Though he has given us permission to celebrate mass he is also granting a dispensation from the obligation of  attending mass to those 60 years of age or older and anyone else who  feels they are not ready to engage in public gatherings during this pandemic. Obviously if you feel ill you are to stay at home.

For those who do choose to come you will be required to wear a mask.

When you enter church you will notice that every other pew is roped off in order to keep social distancing. We do limit three to four to a pew. There will be strips of tape on the pews marking where you may sit in order to keep 6 feet apart. Of course family members may sit together.

In order not to have to sanitize all the pews at the end of each mass, we do ask that you fill in the front pews first. This way we will only have to sanitize the number of pews used .

If you are the first in the pew  please move to the center so others do not have to climb over you.

When coming up to receive communion, because of the pandemic, communion may be received only in the hand to avoid the fingers of the one giving communion touching someone's tongue.

At the end of mass we priests  have been Instructed  not to greet people as they leave in order to avoid groups congregating.

One more note -- during this pandemic I will be hearing confessions on Saturday from 3-3:30.  

Please be patient with us as we maneuver around these new directives. Some will work-- some may have to be changed.

It will be good to begin slowly getting back to normal. God bless you. 


     Please read the guidelines in the bulletin for attending Mass. A few more things, 
there are 4 different doors you can enter/exit from, the bathroom will be sanitized after the final Mass on the weekend, the bathrooms in hall and library will be closed,  no books or cards will be in the pews, you can take a missal home and bring it back and forth with you when you go to Mass, we will have tape in the pews where you can sit, 4 to a pew,  there will be some hand sanitizers in church but you are welcome to bring your own. There will be no Saturday 8:00am communion service. 


Confessions are on Saturday from 3:30-4:30


The church is open Mon-Fri. until 4. 


LITURGICAL ROLES AND USHERS Please call or email the office and let us know if you are comfortable doing liturgical roles and ushering for the Masses. We will not be using servers or Eucharistic Ministers at his time. 


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