Masses and OLP


This past Tuesday Fr. Gray met with five representatives from our parish (Ken Wunderlich, Mike Rogan, Jane Kayser, Mary Halaska and Don Wright) along with five members of St. Ann Parish. The purpose was to share how best to bring the two parishes together, continuing the good things happening at each parish. Our five members felt very upbeat and positive about the meeting.

     Fr. Gray is committed to keeping the Presentation Art Center (PAC) going because of the great outreach to the community. St. Ann’s, also, is involved in the St. Patrick’s Casserole so that, too, can continue. Because of two parishes coming together, many other activities from each parish, such as quilting, the Knights of Columbus, etc. will be able to grow through more participation.

    Beginning in August all weekend masses will be at St. Ann.

     Mass will be offered every Tuesday morning after August 1st. Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions will follow along with the availability of the sacrament of Reconciliation. Weddings and funerals may take place here if requested. August 15th the holiday there will be no Mass here and the church is closed. There is an 8am Mass at St. Ann. 

     People have shared with me several ways to get to St. Ann Parish.  You may go down Natural Bridge past the University and the church will be on your right. Another way is to go down the Rock Road, turn left on Normandy Drive along the Normandy Golf Course – it’s a pretty drive through a beautiful neighborhood – then turn right on Natural Bridge. Again the church will be on your right.

7530 Natural Bridge Rd.


Please pray for our parishioners as Our Lady of the Presentation's last Mass was said. 



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