St. Vincent Giving Tree

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL GIVING TREE Christmas is fast approaching and the St Vincent de Paul Society is again asking for your generous assistance with our Autumn Leaves Giving Tree. Over the years, our parishioners have helped hundreds of families in our area to have a happier Christmas. Last year alone, you brighten Christmas for 13 families and 43 children with your generous donation of 68 presents and 61 gift cards. Due to the pandemic, we will do things differently this year. We will still ask the children for a list of gifts that they want; however, in order to reduce the risk of virus contact and the number of shopping trips, there will be no Giving Tree in the vestibule. Instead, we will request donations of cash or gift cards to the families to enable them to purchase the gifts for their children. We will accept gift card donations of any amount and can be to any store such as WalMart or Target or prepaid Visa/MasterCard. We also give the families grocery cards or gasoline cards, so these will be welcome, too. If you wish to donate cash or gift cards, please do so by the end of November by enclosing it in an envelope marked ‘SVDP Giving Tree’ and putting it in the collection box. May God bless you all with a very Happy & Blessed Holiday season 


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