PAC (Presentation Arts Center)

The center where music, art and quilting is ministered. Check the individual titles for Music, Arts and Quilters under this link.

Our Mission Statement:  Making Arts Accessible to All

PAC – it’s a red brick building bursting with energy, now decorated with symbols of what’s happening inside. . .music, painting, arts projects of all kinds, beautiful quilts in progress.    It’s a community of adults and children, learning and appreciating new experiences, where all lives and backgrounds are welcomed.  Current students represent diverse ethnic, faith, and racial groups. 

The music program (piano and guitar) teaches children life lessons.  These life skills include:  time management, organizational skills, priority setting, grit, appreciating and respecting diversity, self-discipline, and promptness.  The program offers after school and summer music lessons for children from low income and immigrant families.  Lessons are provided at no cost.  In return, families and students are asked to pay it forward in service to others and PAC.   For example, parents help translate program materials into Spanish, help organize receptions for recitals, and assist with clerical work.  More advanced students play at Mass and teach younger students.  Students perform for elders in the community and at recitals.  The music programs are open to children and youth K-12th grades. 

The talented Arts people have made the PAC building a neighborhood showcase, with colorful doors, crafted animals, and objects hinting of the activities inside.  A 2021 Art class highlight was Paint by the Glass:  a completed painting, fun, and hors d’oeuvres were all part of the evening. 

PAC Art classes for 2022 will include Pottery, Acrylics, Watercolor, and Paint by the Glass.  Materials fees are minimal. 

Quilters meet at the PAC Center on Wednesdays.  This group of women does hand quilting, an almost forgotten skill.  Almost always, there are two quilts in the frames.  Quilts of all sizes, from baby to queen sized are produced.  New quilters, experienced or not are welcome.  If you’d like to learn, please contact us. 

COVID permitting, we hope to hold annual Art and Music evenings, displays, and performances to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.  Our next celebration will take place on April 30, 2022.  Please join us. We are working to reestablish children’s music recitals.