Parish Music Ministry


“A cry from deep within our being, music is a way for God to lead us to the realm of higher things.”

- St. Augustine

The music ministry team at Our Lady of the Presentation, under the Direction of Sister Brenda Fritz, DC, strives to create a prayerful, joyful, inclusive atmosphere for parish liturgical celebrations.

Music is provided for Saturday evening and Sunday 10am Masses. Singing at the Sunday 8am Mass is acapella.

Music Ministers use an eclectic style of music include classical, contemporary Christian, traditional hymns, ethnic flavors. OCP Music Resources are used.

The primary instrument used for leading music is a Yamaha digital keyboard. Acoustic and electronic instruments enhance the sound, soul, and spirit of our music. The 1940’s Wicks pipe organ is in good working condition. The pipe organ is played for seasonal liturgical celebrations.

Sister Brenda is available to help plan funeral music. Music at funerals is provided by a cantor and a keyboardist. Other instruments or vocalists may be arranged by the family.

Sister Brenda is retired from playing wedding; however, a reference list of professional vocalists and instrumentalists is available.

Currently, weekend Mass music is led by a cantor and a keyboardist. As of February 2022 the choir continues to be on hold due to COVID. Please watch the bulletin for choir news. Auditions for cantors, choir members, and instrumentalists will be held when all COVID bans are lifted.

Director of Parish Music is Sr. Brenda Fritz, DC. She is an accomplished pianist, trained at DePaul University. Her music ministry has taken her to Indiana, Illinois, and Alabama. She has served full time at Our Lady of the Presentation and Presentation Arts Center (PAC) since 2016.

Sr. Brenda Fritz, DC 314-731-6522 (PAC message center) [email protected]